Post Election: Leaf Pile


Leaf Pile in Driveway, Fall, 2016

Leaf Pile in Driveway,
Fall, 2016

The Sunday after Thanksgiving, I opened my shade to a vibrant, sun-lit sky. The bedroom window faces a row of tall, spindly pine trees and my neighbor’s leaf-filled yard. From my perch at the edge of my bed, I followed a lone russet leaf as it floated, feather-like-in its drift downward, to join the growing leaf pile tucked into the stone wall corner at the back of the driveway.

American Beech tree crowns hang over the back of the driveway. Their leaves drop late, often long into the winter when rattling winds cannot cleave them from their branch until the leaf is ready. Southern in origin, they hold fast to their nature.

This past week, the wet, dreary, foggy weather fit my mood. Readers are aware that I voted for Hillary and struggle with President Elect Trump who is very far from my own nature. Like the leaf, I am drifting, ever so slowly in an effort to find the right place to land. Up to November 9th, I was content in the Liberal pile and at times, leaning towards the Progressive. Now, I am clearly left of center, opposed to and resisting the choices, values and beliefs of the upcoming Trump administration. On alert, I float, open to activism in the service of a viable democracy.

I sign petitions, send money to causes I believe in, causes at risk. I plan to send a“ Not Bannon” postcard addressed to Donald Trump, c/o The Trump Organization, 725 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York, 10022 tomorrow. Opposing the Bannon influence of linguistic manipulation and white male supremacy with neo-Nazi leanings is a top priority.

As soon as I read of Jill Stein’s Crowd Source Recount Fund, I signed on. I felt a surge of hope when I received a Washington Post notice that Hillary’s campaign will participate in the Wisconsin recount with an eye on outside interference. I have never believed in conspiracy theories but in this post election environment, I believe that conspiracies are possible. We need to work for and insist upon transparency especially in the electoral results.

A friend recently wrote of her efforts to make phone calls to Senators and Representatives. Apparently, e-mails are less effective than phone calls. I need to focus and select who and when to call. If you have experience with this tactic, please leave a comment with details about the issue and who you are passionate about contacting.

Readers, I would like to hear about your efforts to make a difference in this post election environment. We need to share information and show strength of purpose and flexibility in our ability to discern what is the right course for each of us to take.

I am grateful for this blog and the opportunity to reflect, share, speak out and learn from others. I welcome your experience and comments. Please share.


8 thoughts on “Post Election: Leaf Pile

  1. Hy Kempler

    You remind us that we all have a role to play here.
    i’d like to get Americans in large number to write, tweet or email President Trump to address our country
    and make clear that he wants citizens to stop the hate, harassment of minorities etc and assert support for values of tolwaiterance and justice for all.

    1. fayewriter Post author

      Hy, I would think that since Trump is a Tweeter, that the Tweet format might get his attention. I was also thinking “old school,” perhaps, a petition, which, on Facebook, would gin many followers. The key would be how to get him to pay attention?

  2. Pat Rogers

    Thanks once again Faye for your insightful and thought provoking piece. After reading this I am realizing how paralyzed I feel by this election. Just yesterday I found myself still unable to accept what is, that Trump is going to be our next president . So action…I’m planning to attend the women’s march here in Boston and need to look at other ways to be involved. Thank you for this platform!

    1. fayewriter Post author

      Thanks, Pat, for weighing in and considering what you might undertake! When is the Woman’s march here in Boston?

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