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Listening Frog
photo by Faye

The June 3rd front page headline, Trump Risking the Planet for Own Gain, Kerry Fears, resonated with my own sense of the effect of Trump’s ill thought out decision to withdraw from the historic Paris climate agreement. The article leads with how Kerry, just one year ago, his 2-year-old granddaughter Isabelle, in his lap, signed the historic climate accord. And now, only 13 months later, at first pretending to have listened to all sides of the evidence, Trump has discounted and misrepresented the scientific evidence, which mandates the necessity of attention to climate change.

All during May, from dawn to dusk, and sometimes during the night, these erratic-in-weather spring days seem to match President Trump’s fitful tweets and irrepressible amoral edicts.

As a gardener, I live close to the earth and its seasons. Every day, I am wedded to checking the weather and scanning the garden to see how my plants, trees or shrubs are faring. Rain causes wilt, rot, and satisfying plant growth, excluding the intrusive weeds. The absence of sun is frustrating and challenges my planting and weeding schedule.

Yet, each day, I am grateful to arrive at a space of quiet, soft moist smells and beauty. During this past two weeks, the purple arrivals— iris, lilacs, and columbine have given way to mounds of white rhododendron blossoms trailing above the pond. The effect is inviting and calming.

Just yesterday, as I began my daily soul tracking near the small pond, a lean and muscled green and brown frog leapt from the water and jumped to the far side where it sat at the edge, as if in listening mode.

“Good morning, Mr. or Ms.” I said. “Nice day.”

The frog did not flinch, unafraid.

“Lovely day, I’m glad for your presence,” I continued.

That statement, said aloud, bore the truth. This rainy spring, in particular, whenever I have approached the pond area, I’ve been greeted by a shrill “eep” sound followed by a flash and a splash.

But this silent, still listener was different, seemingly curious. I felt comforted by his calming presence, a sign from the universe, I was certain, that taking note of the small things in our environment best feeds and forms our sense of connection and meaning.

I am grateful for mayors and governors who are stepping up to counter the effects of shifting environmental challenges on their citizenry every day. I appreciate organizations such as 350.org, The Sierra Club, Green Peace and Union of Concerned Scientists.

I am especially grateful to Governor Jerry Brown for his passionate engagement and willingness to explore sustainability options with China, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s willingness to pledge $15 million to support the United Nations agency that helps implement the Climate Accord agreement.

There is something to be said for the groundswell of concern, worry and love for Mother Earth. Perhaps, the full effect of Trump’s egregious decision to abandon responsibility for Earth’s well-being will fuel and feed our considerable will and creative energy to find more useful and usable solutions to sustainability. One can only hope.



10 thoughts on “About Sustainability

  1. Beverly Bader

    What a beautiful encounter that you had with the dear little frog who greeted you with such spirit! The way you greet your flowers and shrubs each morning! You pay attention to what they need and make sure to do your best to satisfy them.
    Climate change is so important to pay attention to, but Trump seems to get energy, and perhaps even pleasure, from doing the absolute reverse of what is pertinent to so many intelligent and learned people. He seems to pay attention to frustrating the majority. Thank God there are other powerful and influential politicians who pay attention and care about the paramount issues such as climate change, who hopefully will be effective in their missions and make a difference by overriding Trump.
    In the meantime, thank you Faye for sharing your love of Mother Nature! It’s 8:00 AM and time for me to take my daily walk on the Aquaduct in Hastings, where the trees greet me each morning with big smiles!

    1. fayewriter Post author

      Bev, Today is World Environment Day! How apt that we are writing about our love of nature and all this she offers to enrich our lives. I hope you had a wonderful visit with your trees on your walk along the Hastings Aquaduct this morning.

      1. carol steinman

        Thanks Faye. This is so beautifully written. Let’s hope that Trump will,indeed, will fuel the energy of the masses (who think like we do) into action.
        Hugs to you,Carol

  2. Elizabeth Levinsky

    He doesn’t believe the facts! He is an idiot@ Andrea has a job at Temple Shalom in Newton starting the end of July. She will be living in a sunlit basement apartment (studio) in Newton! Exciting!

    1. fayewriter Post author

      Sad but true about Trump. Such exciting news about Andrea… She will be working not too far from us! Make certain she has our phone number so we can be in touch!!

  3. Jane Cawthorne

    Beautifully said, Faye, and your metaphor, that Trump’s erratic tweets are like the weather we experience now as the climate changes is right on.

    1. fayewriter Post author

      Thank you, Jane. I’m especially appreciative of your feedback. It’s so ironic how synchronicity kicks in and helps to shape a bigger picture.

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