On Stormy Giving Voice

Stormy Daniels
Thanks to Bill Haber
AP File, 2009

There’s something about the way Stormy Daniels struts her boobs, defiant, proud, in your face, so to speak, the perfect parrying partner to Mr. Trump, our president, the ultimate defiant boaster. I am grateful for Stormy’s willingness to tell her story on 60 Minutes. I am intrigued by the strategy of this woman who is going toe to toe with our president for the attention of the media.

Am I grateful to watch Melania, her head bowed as she pushed ahead of her husband as she exited the plane at Mar-a-Lago? No. I have empathy for Melania. She is tall and stately, elegant in her repose a day before her husband’s former paramour will tell a story that will only pile more shame on the first family.

Am I grateful that two more women have come forth? Yes. They carry the story of the underbelly— the fact that Mr. Trump believes he can do as he wants at will and then clean it up. What Stormy is doing, what Stormy is saying, is that there is no cleaning this up for Mr. Trump. It’s a messy mix of excess hubris, licentiousness and misplaced power that fuels the wave Stormy is riding.

Will I watch 60 Minutes tomorrow night? Marv and I have the ritual-every Sunday night- of watching 60 Minutes. This will be no different though I must admit I am very curious about the details and how much these details will affect public opinion. I am among the frustrated who watch Mr. Trump pivot, deflect, change the subject, attack, blame, obfuscate in any way possible rather than to acknowledge what is fact.

Stormy promises a “reality” story about her relationship with the “reality show king.” Anderson Cooper, a cool, calculating commentator will be asking the questions, pulling up the threads. I doubt he will shy away from trying to expose the underbelly of the contracts and I’m hoping she will not disappoint. This will be, after all, her time. Unlike Hilary, she will not have Mr. Trump skulking at her back, pacing, pushing into her space, attempting to constrain her voice.

I am grateful that Stormy has the means and ability to take her space and to use it. I hope that the other two women, Playboy model Karen McDougal and Apprentice contestant Summer Zervos, who have simultaneous suits have their say in court and in the media. Mr Trump is a media hog. Every morning, he rises, not to open the blinds and greet the day with positivity, but to use free media to deride and divide, to Tweet at will, far and wide.

As for sex and the presidency, for some, it’s part and parcel, about the attributes and perks of power. But power gone too far must be dealt with. Will Stormy’s story make a difference? The complexity of this story cries out. How can it not? Stormy’s interview, her willingness to go toe to toe with Mr. Trump, is about her right to give voice to her part in the story, a story that a very powerful man paid big money to bury.


10 thoughts on “On Stormy Giving Voice

  1. Rosemary

    I appreciate the sweet satire in this piece, which feels strong. The writer’s comparison of Stormy’s on-air situation with the one Hillary faced is neat. I especially like the use of terms that demote Daniels’ opponent–the social title “Mr” (rather than President) before his name and the phrase “media hog” to describe him.

    1. fayewriter Post author

      Thank you for pointing out the satirical aspects of this Stormy piece. When the idea of the subject grabbed me, it was the “fight fire with fire” aspect in face of Trump’s powerful bullying of women who speak out about his bullying behavior. But stepping back and considering your “take” on this, there is a strong irony to the situation which my words reflect. Re: the use of the term “mister,” in the context of this situation, I couldn’t bring myself to use the term president.

  2. Carol Steinman

    Go girl! I appreciate the way you say it “like it is”!
    Time will tell how it all pans out….seems to be changing every day.

    1. fayewriter Post author

      Carol, Exactly as I think about it — “Time will tell how this aspect of the Trump sage will play out.” It’s an aspect which bears watching from the lawyers, the courts and oh, yes, Mr. Mueller! Thanks for weighing in.

  3. Patricia Rogers

    Although i agree with your reflections regarding the storm that Stormy has created, and even your empathy for Melania , I’m left wondering if the media hasn’t grabbed this story due to it’s salacious nature. In some ways it feels as though we are now playing Trump’s game that of distraction and disruption. When will the media talk about the fact that this country has no leadership and that in fact is what will ultimately bring us down!

    1. fayewriter Post author

      Pat, Yes, I quite agree that Stormy is playing Trump’s game and that is what caught my attention. Honestly, I was quite surprised at my inclination to write this piece and somewhat hesitant to post. The aspect that caught me the most was the serendipitous timing of these three women holding and speaking out about the underbelly details of Trump’s behavior at this point in time. Who knows what aspect or aspect(s) of this complicated story will be the difference that makes a difference? In my experience there are many in the Senate and House tracking and making an effort to hold the Trump administration accountable for honest and ethical leadership.

  4. Kassie M Rubico

    Good one, Faye. I didn’t watch the interview, but I’m hoping to catch the re-run. Your blog posts continue to pose the important questions, inviting your readers to consider many things. Thank you for that!

    1. fayewriter Post author

      Kassie, I so appreciate your continued reading and support! There are so many roads to Rome. Perhaps, this is one of them.

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