Marv’s 90th Birthday Celebration

                                                        Marv @ 90
                                                     Photo by Craig J.

I’m now married to a 90 old. It’s much the same as being married to an 89 year old or an 85 year old. I can testify to the belief that aging is as much a state of mind as it is a reflection of the body’s progression over time.

I’m grateful to have chosen a life partner who “thinks young.” By “young,” I mean curious. An intellectual at heart, Marv spends large swarths of time delving into political matters, both current and historical. He’s a life long learner, having attended Harvard’s Learning in Retirement Program for 12 years where he facilitated several classes on several subjects. He now is a valued member of LLIAC, an independent life learning in retirement community where he is well known for his in depth classes on Hamilton, Lincoln, Washington, Truman and upcoming Eleanor and Franklin.

“Young is as young does,” they say. Marv has a daily exercise regime begun when our son, Craig, and his wife, Melinda, exercise buffs, informed him on the importance of frequent exercise on the effects of aging. The elliptical machine and recumbent bicycle are his go-to contraptions as he watches the latest recording of Stephen Colbert or events of interest.

Marv is still a practicing psychologist. Unlike all of his colleagues, he has resisted “retirement.” He enjoys the challenge of addressing complex situations.  Clients still call arrive for appointments in the private office we constructed when we bought our home 15 years ago. At times, he rues on the fact that his referral base has dried up. But he resists thinking “old” and is grateful for his client’s trust. Before each session, he checks his notes and prepares. Discipline carries him far.

At our family and friends celebration two Saturdays ago, where we roasted and toasted this special birthday, I presented these Little Known Facts about Marv:

  • Once upon a time, Marv had a huge mop of curly hair that almost covered his upper forehead.
  • Dressed in a white suit and white shoes, Marv gave his Bar Mitzvah speech in Hebrew and English
  • As a pre-teen, he made an appointment to talk with the mayor of Detroit about his concern that high school students were not being taught to think. His appointment was canceled due to the outbreak of race riots.
  • As a psychologist, he was one of the very first to embrace family therapy. Courtesy of McLain Hospital, he toured the US to visit with the forerunners—eventually to open a private clinic where challenging families were treated in a residential program.
  • Marv has had a life long hobby of photography. He has collected, scanned and categorized 18,000 pictures chronicling the family clan for decades as well as photos of nature and oddities that appeal to Marv’s aesthetic.
  • He has five published books to his credit.
  • Early on, I adopted the nickname, “Marvelous Marvin” because he was such a “smarty pants” in our younger days. I’m grateful to report that he has mellowed into tender wisdom, which is a wonderful trait in a lifelong partner.

It was not easy to roast this reasoned, reasonable, calm (most of the time except when he loses his cool at yapping dogs (poor little Moxie) and Trump, on air, yapping his latest greatest.

I’m grateful to post this milestone blog in honor of Marv Snider. Onward!!














17 thoughts on “Marv’s 90th Birthday Celebration

  1. Patricia Rogers

    And marvelous he is …married to a marvelous woman!!! Sounds like a wonderful tribute to a very special man. I know one of the secrets to longevity is exercise, but it seems equally important to remain engaged seeking and connecting.

    So sorry to have missed this momentous event/
    Yes onward,

    1. fayewriter Post author

      Thanks, Pat! Yes, I quite agree— “engaged, seeking and connecting!”

  2. Bruce Ward

    That is a beautiful tribute, Faye.

    Happy birthday, Marv!


  3. Rosemary Booth

    I like this terrific “milestone testimonial,” written as simple declaration, filled with facts but seasoned with humor—and clear affection.

    1. fayewriter Post author

      Your comment bought a smile to my face, Rosemary. Thank you!

    1. fayewriter Post author

      Thanks Heather. Yes, he is a wonderful example which is what prompted me to share.

  4. Hy Kempler

    What a wonderful tribute to your beau of many years. As my dear friend I can testify that he is a heck of a guy.
    I was glad to be part of the birthday celebration.

  5. sheila kempler

    Dear Faye,
    What a terrific tribute to Marvelous Marvin. . He’s quite a guy. I expect he’ll continue to celebrate and share his marvels with his wonderful family and his friends. We’ll be cheering him on for many more years . Great picture .


    1. fayewriter Post author

      Many thanks, Sheila. I love how you and Hy have been on our cheering squad for years.

  6. Jim Kennedy


    Loved reading this. Will show to Becky. It’s been awhile since we’ve crossed paths, but a fond memory when Becky and I joined you and Marv one evening. Also, I read one of Marv’s books and thoroughly enjoyed the book. He and you were a ubiquitous presence at Solstice in the two years I passed through. Say hello to Marv for me.

    1. fayewriter Post author

      Jim, wonderful to hear from you. I showed your comment to Marv. Like me, he has fond memories of our evening together and sends regards. Warm wishes to you & Becky.

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