Why Gratitude


First Lilies!

A day doesn’t go by without my thinking about gratitude.  Attention to gratitude has provided balance in the challenge to manage the endless days of shelter-in-place since March 10th when Governor Baker declared the Covid-19 pandemic state of emergency.

It’s day 109. I am grateful to be at my computer, writing this blog after a long hiatus. I’ve missed the process of sharing the stories of a day-to-day gratitude practice. At first, the pandemic, its invisible presence, the fact, as an elder, I was labeled “high risk, ‘”filled my life with the challenge of how to adapt, how to stay safe, how to manage the anxiety of the unknown and unseen.

I’ve learned about safety—the proper way to wash my hands, not to touch my face, to wear a mask, wipe down packages, maintain distance from the postal carrier who laughingly tried to hand me a package with his bare hands, to signal “move back” to the well meaning man sans mask who stopped to chat about gardening as I watered zinnia seedlings.

I’ve learned it’s about trying to maintain as “normal” a routine as possible. I organize grocery lists, order on line weekly, cook healthy dinners filled with greens and good protein. I crave variety, use my computer to log into daily exercise videos; I show up on Facebook for every Tai Chi lesson my son, Craig, posts live from his backyard in Evanston, Illinois. I’m grateful for the miracle of clicking a link and instantly seeing him stare into the camera and say, “Good morning,” and sometimes, “Hi, Mom!”

An extravert, I miss intimate luncheons and dinners with my granddaughters and close friends, hugs from my daughter, visits from my son. I’m grateful for Zoom, the ability to chat on line with my women’s group, close friends, my writer’s group and the Lily poetry salon.

Gratitude has helped me to adapt. I’m grateful for my curiosity, my willingness to learn. During the first month of shelter-in-place, Marj Hahne, a poet from Colorado offered a  free daily poetry Webinar for three weeks. I signed up. Her presence in my calendar, for nearly a month running, offered connection,  consistency, craft learning, and writing. Every day, she offered a new poem. I participated in possibility— how words on the page in a variety of forms can shape an experience.

I write more freely. Today, I write this blog directly on my Word Press blog page. All my previous blogs were drafted on Word and copied after editing. Time matters to me as do you all, dear readers. I have missed talking on the page to you.

I hope to share the beauty of my soon-to-arrive July lilies. The buds are emerging daily. Until the next time, consider gratitude in small ways. Making a mental note, making a list, writing out the details; all are fine. What matters is noticing the feeling of gratitude and how it effects you. You decide the where, the what, the how. May moments of gratitude lighten your day.


18 thoughts on “Why Gratitude

  1. Sally Brecher

    Wow, Faye. You are a busy lady and an inspiration to us all. Did you receive my images of the brambles along the Charles River near to your home? I sent them around the end of March or early April. So glad to hear from you. Hope Marve is also doing well. xoxoSally

    1. fayewriter Post author

      Hello, Sally. Thanks for your note. Sorry I didn’t see your bramble images. We are both well and hope you & Peter are managing this surreal time. xo

    1. fayewriter Post author

      Yes, this is my favorite season. Hope you are collecting lovely images for your next calendar!

  2. Bernard Belson

    I’m so happy to be included on your list of supporters and to be once more connected to you-from a distance. Stay well.

    Bernie Belson

    1. fayewriter Post author

      Thank you, Bernie. I enjoy hearing from you. Stay well and safe.

    1. fayewriter Post author

      As ever, Kathi, you are a wonderful friend whom I so appreciate.

  3. Carol Steinman

    Enjoyed a look at your current life in these changing times. I can fully relate to your anticipation of the blooming of the lilies. Stay well,

  4. patriciarogers8757

    Faye…thank you for the reminder of gratitude! Yes even in these tumultuous times there are precious moments. I too am appreciating my back yard that is more beautiful than ever. Where i usually have only 5 or so blossoms on my hydrangea there are maybe 15…everything has gone berserk this yr. Perhaps the Mother Nature knew i needed, more than ever, a place to sit and enjoy the beauty and reflect. For this i am truly grateful.

    1. fayewriter Post author

      I so enjoy your appreciation of all that nature brings to your yard and hope your dear humming birds are flitting in volume. Much love.

    1. fayewriter Post author

      Thank you, T. Wonderful to have you show up this morning! I especially miss you in this time of the Solstice residency, our traditional reunion time. Much love in return.

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