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‘Seeking Grace’ available now!

Join us for the official online launch of my chapbook, Seeking Grace on Sunday, December 3rd at 3:00pm EST. hosted by my publisher, Lily Poetry Press. I will be doing a real-time interview with my friend and colleague Tanya Whiton, a writer and developmental editor who has long supported my work. Special introduction by Solstice Alumna and my editor, Eileen Cleary. It will be a lively, engaging conversation about the book; developing awareness of the ways cults  recruit into their secret culture and imbed new members; the effects on family; craft challenges in writing a complex and personal piece in poetic form.

Order Seeking Grace today!

A young woman, in a red coat, walks further into an autumnal forest. She is holding a yellow leaf in her right hand.

Try to imagine what it is to have one’s daughter —barely out of her teens — stolen by “thieves of the spirit.” In gripping short narratives, Faye Snider captures a mother’s voice, telling the story of a young woman who forsakes family and her religion to follow a preacher “anointed by God.” What happened to the “curious child” who asked, “Where do frogs go in winter?” Where is the girl who once sang “A Boy Like That”  and “I Feel Pretty?” She’s suddenly “folded tight/as a blossom in frost. ” Skillfully paced  and painstakingly crafted, these timely poems embody the battle between one who — greedy for power — claims and convinces many that he owns the Truth, and those who must rescue a beloved who’s been deceived. This truly is an unforgettable story of seeking — for God; for meaning; for love; the lost; and, ultimately, for the self.

–-Meg Kearney, author of Home by Now & All Morning the Crows